A novel, autonomous and REVersible Inflow control VALve for increased oil production and reservoir recovery rate


This project will develop a novel, autonomous and reversible inflow control valve to increase oil production and reservoir recovery rate by stopping production of unwanted water and gas locally in the reservoirs, within FP7-SME-Research for the benefits of SMEs (R4S ), Grant no. 605701.


The objective is to develop and introduce a novel, self-regulating, reversible inflow control device (ICD) that will maximize oil production and reservoir recovery rate with complete shut off unwanted fluids into production wells for all types of reservoirs and fluids, e.g. high oil viscosities and thin oil columns. The R&D challenges in the development of the new AICV are related to develop new computational models to simulate valve operations, valve lifetime, reservoir recovery and near well production and to develop the material components for the autonomous inflow control valve operating at well reservoir conditions, e.g. high temperature, high pressure, well fluids and well fluid particles. The project is divided into different work packages.


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